The Music of
Randolph L. Partain
I've been creating music for a video game in development.
You can take a listen to some of my music on this Status Quo promo.
And here are a few more tracks from the Status Quo project:

When I Was a Child (dreamland)
Determination (high rise)             
Quest (high anxiety)                     

Mysteries contemplative solo piano collection
  My contemplative solo piano CD Mysteries
  is available on CD Baby.
  Listen to samples,
      download individual mp3s,
          or order an actual CD at

Visit my Catalog to order scores and parts for any of the pieces below,
or to browse through other works that are available for performance.

Blood Rite          
Please contact Editors Choice Music for details.
(919) 803-3678

Marion Russell Dickson, soprano
Heather Wardrup, piano
     1. Wild Asters
     2. The Mystery
     3. Dusk in Wartime
     4. The Kiss
     5. Snowfall
     6. There Will Come Soft Rains
     7. After Love
     8. I Shall Not Care
     9. The Sanctuary

naked and fiery forms  

Seven Oblivions
for string quartet
     1. Sahasrara
     2. Ajna
     3. Vishuddhi
     4. Anahata
     5. Svadhishthana
     6. Manipura
     7. Muladhara

Pax Americana: Songs of Protest
     1. "Mourn not the Dead..."
     2. Ready to Kill
     3. Epiphany
     4. Jingo
     5. Dulce Et Decorum Est
     6. Dead Man's Dump

A ritual piece for clarinet, harp, and double bass

Minya Envinyatar
A song cycle in quenya for soprano, flute, alto flute, and percussion 
     1. Felyanna
     2. Nare ainiva
     3. Yanta mine
     4. Valda inyaeru
     5. Yanta atta & Hlarin i nulda
     6. Yanta nelde
     7. Kemi faila & Yanta canta
     8. Vanwameldasulenossemma
     9. Oharyeamme

Dawn Cresting Mt. Mariana   

for alto saxophone and piano

Study scores available upon request.
To order music, please see my current Catalog.

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